When to change filters (major maintenance)

25 July 2023

Major maintenance for filters in industrial equipment involves several steps. First, the equipment must be shut down and isolated from any power source. The filter housing is then opened, and the filter element is removed. The element is carefully inspected for signs of damage or excessive wear, and replaced if necessary.

Next, the filter housing and element are thoroughly cleaned using a combination of compressed air, water, and cleaning agents. Care must be taken not to damage the element during this process. Once the element and housing are clean, they are reassembled and installed back into the equipment.

Maintenance overview per part

Wondering when to service and replace the filters in your industrial vehicles? We’ve created a handy overview per part.

The engine

  1. Check and replace the fuel filter and fuel strainer element. For diesel trucks, also replace the water separator.
  2. Clean or replace the interior ventilation filter.
  3. Renew the cooling liquid and replace the water filter if your machine has one.

The drivetrain

Replace the transmission filter.

The hydraulics

Replace the hydraulic filter.

The cabin

  1. Replace the air filter that’s responsible for ventilation in the cabin.

Different types of maintenance

  • MINOR MAINTENANCE: tasks that need to be performed after every 250 hours of vehicle use.
  • INTERMEDIATE MAINTENANCE: tasks that should be performed every 3–6 months, or after every 500 hours of use.
  • MAJOR MAINTENANCE: tasks that need to be completed on a yearly basis, or after every 2000 hours of use.

You should repeat all minor maintenance tasks when performing intermediate maintenance, and repeat the minor and intermediate maintenance tasks once again during major maintenance.  

*Please note: these are general guidelines and you should always take into account the manufacturer’s guidelines that are found in your machine’s service manual. 

Discover our kits

After multiple operating hours, every filter needs to be replaced. Depending on the make and model of the machine, this needs to be done after a certain amount of time. At TVH, you can order all these filters and other tools in just a few clicks. 

Filter kits

Instead of buying the filters separately, you can buy them in kits. Filter kits are essential components for maintaining the cleanliness of different types of fluids used in various machines and equipment. Filter kits can be fully customised according to requirements, choosing from our wide range of air filters, hydraulic filters, oil filters, water filters, and fuel filters, among others.

By using filter kits, individuals can ensure that their equipment and machines are running smoothly, reducing the risk of breakdowns and extending their lifespan. The different combinations of filters available in filter kits make it easy for individuals to choose the right kit for their specific needs. For more information, contact your sales advisor.

Maintenance kits

Maintenance kits are an essential part of any industrial equipment maintenance program, as they contain all the necessary products to ensure that your equipment is running smoothly and efficiently. A typical maintenance kit includes a variety of items such as:

  • filters, 
  • lubricating grease, 
  • chain spray, 
  • testing equipment, 
  • o-rings, 
  • spark plugs,

Investing in a high-quality maintenance kit is a wise decision for any industrial equipment owner or operator. With the right products on hand, you can ensure that your equipment runs smoothly, with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. For more information, contact your sales advisor.