17 January 2024

In solidifying this collaboration, TVH reinforces its commitment to excellence in remanufacturing services. Customers within the Belux region can now avail themselves of TVH's specialized repair services for Carraro components, such as drive and steering axles, automatic transmissions, and gearboxes, all adhering to Carraro's quality standards.

Joffrey Deylgat, Manager of Remanufactured Spare Parts at TVH, emphasizes, "Our repairs exclusively utilize genuine Carraro parts to guarantee quality and reliability. Additionally, each repaired component undergoes rigorous testing to meet Carraro's stringent performance criteria. Our technical experts at TVH have undergone comprehensive training from Carraro, ensuring great repair services for all Carraro components."

A logistical advantage 

The collaboration between TVH and Carraro has a longstanding history, with the decision to establish the repair center at TVH's Waregem headquarters being a natural progression. 
Stefano Image, Director of After Sales & Spare Parts Carraro, notes, "The technical capabilities and specializations at TVH align seamlessly with our company's philosophy. With TVH centrally located in Europe and expanding globally, the Waregem HQ provides an ideal logistical advantage. Moreover, TVH's increasing focus on the agricultural sector complements the growing demand for our products."

Recognizing the importance of transitioning towards a circular economy, Carraro views the repair center as a forward-thinking solution. Stefano Image elaborates, "In an era of pollution and climate change, embracing a circular economy is a logical step. The repair center aligns with the evolving requirements of new products."

Customers also have the option to sell their used, repairable Carraro parts to TVH, contributing to a circular economy and reducing waste. Vanessa Moerman, Category Manager at TVH, explains, "We restore these parts to Carraro's standards and reintroduce them to the market as remanufactured parts through our online shop, actively promoting sustainability and responsible consumption."