Telehandlers: a part of agriculture

06 January 2023



Telehandlers are more frequently used in agriculture than before. Their versatility, reach, and load capacity make them exceptionally useful for daily tasks. Cleaning stables, moving hay bales, stacking logs and clearing fields becomes easy as can be with the correct attachment. That’s why telescopic handlers are indispensable assets in agriculture.

The perfect sidekick on and off the field

Tractors are undoubtedly the most important machines in agriculture. The tractor has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 19th century. Nowadays, ploughing, cultivating the soil, and planting fields are done effortlessly with a tractor. However, certain other tasks on the farm are not as straightforward when using a tractor. That’s where the telehandler comes into play.

Need to stack straw or hay bales? No problem. An advantage of telehandlers is the increased reach over tractors. The boom typically has a reach of 7 to 10 m compared to the tractor’s maximum reach of 4,5 m. Grabbing and depositing material can be done further and higher. That’s one point to the telehandler!

The telehandler offers great flexibility. The weight of the load can be distributed by extending or retracting the boom. Because of this, a telehandler has a larger load capacity compared to a tractor. Telehandlers can handle loads up to 6000 kg, while a tractor maxes out at 2500 kg.

Agility, manoeuvrability and versatility

Telehandlers are more manageable to drive in tight spaces. There is a wide range of compact telehandlers that make manoeuvring a breeze, assisted by the possibility of 4-wheel steering. In addition, telehandlers get up to speed quickly, meaning they can cover ground in no time.

And that’s not even all. The action doesn’t only happen in the front. Attachments can also be mounted on the back, making it possible for telehandlers to fulfil tasks of tractors like ploughing the field. These diverse applications prove that the telehandler is a jack of all trades.

With our range, we can easily supply attachments for all popular makes of telehandlers.

TVH, your partner for telehandler parts

It is crucial to keep telehandlers in excellent condition for them to excel at every task. General or periodic machine maintenance, such as an oil and filter change, should happen about every 500 working hours. Consumable parts, like brake pads and bushings, need to be replaced every 1000 to 2000 hours.

Keep an eye on the wear and tear of parts to avoid downtime. Need replacement parts? Let us help you out. At TVH, you can find a wide range of telehandler parts that can be delivered to your doorstep in no time. In addition, we can answer all your technical questions to guarantee daily operations go smoothly. Since BEPCO is part of the TVH group, BEPCO customers can also access the market's most complete offer.

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The parts that keep you going


Working with machines has its risks. That is why brakes should never be compromised on. You can rest assured that the telehandler will stop in time with parts such as brake shoes and pads, hydraulic brakes, and more from our range.

Cabin parts

The cabin houses many parts. Some of them increase comfort and safety, while others are essential for operating the machine. In any case, replacing worn parts will prove beneficial to everyone involved. Get an instant boost in efficiency with a well-equipped cabin. Whether you need a new mirror, steering knob, or any other cabin part, we’ve got you covered.

Electrical components

Keep the electricity flowing and the machine going. Every electrical circuit requires a precise arrangement of important components to function. Whether you need fuses, switches, joysticks, sensors or any other electrical component, you can find everything in our range.

Hydraulic components

Hydraulic systems consist of many different parts. No matter how big or small, they are vital for proper functioning. From the smallest seal to the most powerful cylinder: whether you need hydraulic components for simple or complex hydraulic systems, you will find what you need at TVH. Discover what you can expect from our hydraulic range here.

Printed circuit boards & controllers

When a joystick is operated, how does the boom on a telehandler know what to do? A printed circuit board is the link between them. Printed circuit boards use copper circuits to transmit information from one electrical component to another.

Want to get the best bang for your buck? Make sure to take a look at our remanufactured printed circuit boards for a great deal, without compromise. Click here for more information.

CAM attachments

The best results are achieved with the best attachments. Check out the video to see what CAM attachments has to offer for agricultural machines.