How to increase cabin comfort

04 July 2024
How to increase cabin comfort

Having a comfortable workplace is both a given and a necessity. This is especially true when you spend hours inside a machine's cabin. Of course, a comfortable seat is a must, and you want good heating and A/C. But there are so many more parts which increase cabin comfort. What about a good floor mat or a functional lock? They all play a part in making your workplace a happy place.

Comfort equals productivity

Comfortable working conditions positively impact productivity. This is particularly important when your workplace is the cabin of a forklift, telehandler, backhoe loader or tractor.

1. Seats

Want to work comfortably while in a cabin? Invest in a seat. Ergonomics are increasingly important in the workplace, and the cabin is no exception. A seat that provides the best possible support for the body will have health advantages for the driver in both the short and long term. In other words, a good, comfortable seat is worth the investment. To that end, we have a wide range of seats and accessories to guarantee an ideal seat for everyone.

2. Floormats

Floormats have a wide array of functions. Think of ergonomic floormats or floormats that can function as antiskid mats. This way, people with greasy shoes who constantly get in and out of their vehicles are safeguarded from possible injuries on slippery surfaces.
Floormats exist in all shapes and sizes, and customers can choose protective floormats made of rubber, fabric or polyurethane.

Bepco has floormats of various types and materials of standard sizes and machine-specific dimensions. Didn’t find the floormat for your cabin floor in our range? No worries! Floormats can also be cut to size to fit your cabin floor.

3. Steering wheel

It’s clear what the steering wheel does and needs to function properly to maintain machine control. It’s also used intensively, so you must stay comfortable steering the machine. Our Cobo steering wheels offer much comfort and durability to keep the machine going.
Thanks to our range of steering wheels, you will surely find the one that suits your needs. 
To enhance comfort, you can always include a steering knob, making it easier to manoeuvre the machine.

4. Heating and cooling

In this day and age, keeping it cool in the summer and having a nice and warm cabin in the winter is a given. So, the cabin must have fully functioning heating and cooling.
Every part matters, from the compressor, cabin air filter and expansion valve of the A/C system to the cabin air grids, which control and guide the airflow and circulation inside the cabin.
Of course, we have all the parts and accessories for the cabin heating and cooling system.

5. Cabin mirror arms

Use mirrors and adjustable mirror arms to keep an optimal field of view. This way, you have a complete overview of what’s happening around you in the blink of an eye.
Pro tip: Make sure your mirror arms fit your machine's make and model. Mirror arms have specific mounting positions, so choosing the arm with the right mounting position is essential.
Thankfully, you can choose from all kinds of cabin mirror arms. We also work with expert brands such as Smat Nord to guarantee our customers only get the best quality.
Whether you need a small or large arm, we have the right part for you.

6. Locks and latches

Locks and latches are mainly developed to enhance security, but comfort can be an underrated feature. Several solutions make it very comfortable for drivers to lock and unlock their cabin doors. These include extended handles and handles positioned specifically for easy access. Latches, on the other hand, are easy tools to fix the position of a window or to keep them closed.

Having the right lock on the cabin means not having to worry about possible vandalism or theft when working on a construction site.

It’s important to note that locks should be purchased carefully. Not every lock fits the machine, and many machine manuals mention specific lock types. Thankfully, our wide range of locks and latches ensures you will find what you need.

Comfort is everywhere

In addition to the above, there are many other solutions to improve cabin comfort. Various mounting solutions keep a smartphone or GPS device in sight so the driver doesn’t need to avert his eyes off the route when consulting the device. Moreover, document holders function as a fixed location to keep all important documents in one place, preventing the risk of losing them. At TVH, you’ll find many RAM Mounts solutions to increase this comfort.

Bepco is your one-stop shop for more comfort

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