Bepco UK Surprises ‘KEMP for Kids’ With Some Easter Treats

02 April 2020


The division of KEMP Hospice that oversees the well-being of young people affected by the bereavement of loved ones received a sweet surprise at their recent, annual camp. Bepco UK donated a chocolate Easter egg to every participant to express its support of both the charity and the journey each young person is undertaking.

Bepco UK partnered with KEMP Hospice in the autumn of 2019 in a bid to raise the awareness of the Wyre Forest charity… plus a few quid along the way. With more than £1100 raised in one month alone, the 12 month fundraising total was set to be promising. However, when the coronavirus pandemic struck the UK at the beginning of March, all planned fundraising events had to be put on hold due to government enforced measures.

Edward Nash, Marketing Manager at Bepco UK, said, “The staff at Bepco were disappointed and frustrated by the forced postponement of planned events, but still wanted to do something for the charity. Upon discovering the upcoming 'Kemp for Kids Camp', they rallied around and managed to buy 25 chocolate eggs - one for each participant. This was a really uplifting act of generosity, making us all proud to be a part of such a caring and determined team.”

Coralie Hudson, Fundraiser at KEMP, explains; “The weekend event was organised by KEMP Hospice staff along with a dedicated team of volunteers. It consisted of outdoor activities including; climbing walls, zip wires, archery, and much more, all led by the superb Boundless Outdoor team. Creative activities were held too, where children were encouraged to talk about their experiences, memories and feelings.” 

The aim of the event was to challenge the children both physically and emotionally, to reassure them that the feelings they are experiencing are normal, to share their experiences with others, and most importantly - to have FUN! The weekend was a great success with many of the participants wishing that it was longer! Thank you to Bepco for adding the cherries to the icing of our fantastic 'KEMP for Kids Camp'!”

KEMP Hospice kindly donated a luxury Easter hamper to Bepco, filled with chocolate eggs and themed treats, with the intention to be auctioned or raffled off to internal and external stakeholders. But with as many as fifty percent of staff working remotely by the time the giveaway was to be announced, there was little opportunity to promote it and obtain sufficient engagement. Eager to ensure KEMP Hospice didn't miss out on valuable funds, Bepco donated £200 to the charity in return for receiving the hamper and will give it to a lucky winner as part of an online competition among its customers.

Bepco and KEMP are keeping a close eye on developments within the UK, and are looking forward to planning and collaborating on a series of fundraising events later in the year.


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