24 October 2023

TotalSource Paint
When your machine starts to look a bit worn and tired, it’s always a great idea to give it a fresh lick of paint. It’s also the ideal low-cost method to protect your machine against rust and corrosion, as the paint forms a protective barrier between the metal and corrosive elements.

Giving your machine a fresh coat is also a fantastic opportunity to replace all the decals necessary to conform with the regulations. 

Follow our 5 P’s of perfect painting to get the job done right.


Painting can be a hazardous job. You’re exposed to chemicals, dust and many other hazards common in agricultural work environments.

Protect yourself with a coverall and gloves, and use a paint mask or respirator to avoid inhaling fumes. If the face mask doesn’t provide adequate eye protection, make sure to wear a pair of safety glasses.
To avoid spills and splats, place cardboard on the floor and cover the walls with a removable tacky surface coating. As in most workspaces, consider wearing ear protection and safety shoes as well.
Finally, make sure your workspace is well-ventilated to extract mists and vapours.


Start by removing the old decals with label spray and a scraper. Strip the old paint and remove rust and corrosion with sandpaper or by sandblasting the surface.

Repair small dents and scratches on the bodywork with a filler. Once the filler is dry, sand the surface again with fine-grit sandpaper to get a nice smooth surface.

Clean thoroughly and degrease the surface you wish to paint to ensure perfect adhesion.
Dismantle the removable parts of your machine (mirrors, removable lights, etc.) and apply masking tape to the fixed parts you do not wish to paint (door handles, different bodywork parts, etc.). Cover windows and tyres with plastic or paper.


Choosing the wrong paint and application method could have costly implications. Avoid rework and choose from our selection of high-performance TotalSource paints in more than 100 colours. 

Our premium Direct-To-Metal  (DTM) coating guarantees excellent adhesion and active corrosion resistance without the need for a primer, saving you time and money.

DTM paint is a single-component coating compatible with various substrates used in industries such as agriculture, construction and manufacturing. It provides exceptional corrosion resistance, crucial when exposed to harsh environmental conditions or corrosive substances.

TotalSource paint comes in spray cans and larger paint pots. Spray cans contain a water-based high-build acrylic paint. The pots hold synthetic high-build alkyd paint, which needs to be thinned with 15%  Hardening Thinner

Use a spray gun for the most professional finish. This method requires a paint booth. If this is unavailable, you can also obtain excellent results using a roller or a spray can.

When using a roller, we recommend using one made from hard foam. This prevents air absorption and avoids blistering when the paint dries. Make sure the roller is always saturated with paint before applying it to the surface. Finalise the edges with a paintbrush.

For quick touch-ups, we recommend using a spray can. It requires less material and guarantees a quicker turnaround.

Apply a second coat after 3 minutes.


For optimal curing, the paint should dry in a well-ventilated room at a temperature of 20 °C. Paint from TotalSource paint pots is dust-dry after 15 minutes and set to touch after 30. You can reassemble your machine after 12 hours and the paint will be fully cured after 6 days.

With spray cans you get a much faster turnaround: dust-dry in 10 minutes, set to touch after 20 and ready for assembly after 1 hour. This paint will be fully cured in 48 hours.


Once the paint is fully cured, add the specific decals for your machine. Decals contain important information about the safety and operation of your equipment. For optimal longevity, use decals with strong adhesion and good resistance to UV light and water.

That’s it! Your machine looks just like new; job well done. Don’t forget to get your TotalSource paint and all your other painting accessories like paint brushes, pistols and spray nozzles in our online shop.



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