Acting as an intermediary between ICT and the own department regarding the applications related to the software system, in order to obtain IT applications that enable us to reach the corporate objectives and meet the needs of the users.


• Result area 1

Actively collaborating on projects with regard to the department-related processes and ICT-systems, in very close collaboration with the ICT-department, in order to offer the users (TVH Belgium and sister companies) the most efficient and user-friendly tools and processes.


  • Having contacts and conversations with users in order to obtain a very good insight into their activities and their way of working
  • Attending meetings
  • Having an active input in meetings
  • Tracking problems with the system and searching for solutions
  • ...

• Result area 2

Assessing a user's (TVH Belgium and sister companies) adjustment proposal, deciding if it will be considered after consultation with ICT and then following it up so that the system is permanently optimised in accordance with the user's wishes.


  • Elaborating ideas under consideration into EDPs
  • Discussing EDPs with ICT in weekly meetings
  • Determining the priorities of EDPs
  • Extensively testing EDPs once executed

• Result area 3

Performing a help desk function for the users of the department-related ICT-systems in Belgium and foreign sister companies, in order to deal with questions and problems in a fast and efficient manner.


  • Offering telephone/e-mail support, videoconferencing is possible, if desired
  • Assistance in the start-up/implementation of the ICT systems for the department in foreign offices
  • ...

• Result area 4

Informing and training the users about the various department-related ICT systems in order to familiarise them with the existing or newly developed applications.

  • Possible activities (differs from one person to another)
  • Drawing up and updating manuals in different languages
  • Drawing up memos, tips of the week/day via linked messages, in different languages
  • Translating screens/programmes
  • Assuming a supporting role in employee briefings
  • Giving 'training courses'
    • Periodic info sessions with regard to general modifications for all users of the
    • ICT system
    • Group training for specific subjects/themes
    • Individual info session (or for a limited group) concerning a specific subject/theme
  • Being responsible for individual guidance/support
  • Giving on-site training abroad
  • Intensively training new users outside of TVHBE with regard to the system in order to allow new employees to quickly carry out their function to the full
  • ...

• Result area 5

Detecting and formulating possibilities for improvement to the systems, the work methods and the procedures of the own department, in order to obtain more efficient and better results.


  • Analysing figures and detecting anomalies
  • Tracking causes and elaborating suggestions for improvement
  • Elaborating ideas into EDPs
  • Discussing EDPs in periodic meetings …
  • Determining the priorities of EDPs

• Result area 6

Intensively training new users of the system in order to allow new employees to quickly carry out their new function to the full.


  • Giving basic training

• Result area 7

Collaborating on and coordinating of projects within his/her area of expertise in order to contribute to the realisation of the objectives set for the department.


  • Analysing the needs and elaborating them into a clear suggestion in consultation with the involved parties

• Result area 8

Updating and maintaining knowledge, insights and technical skills regarding the relevant ICT systems and business processes, in order to maximise one's own expertise and apply it optimally within the organisation.


May decide autonomously on:

  • Small adjustments (larger adjustments in consultation with the supervisor)
  • Creating a knowledge base
  • Drawing up training courses, manuals ...



Desired education level: bachelor's degree or equivalent by experience


  • TVH programmes of the department
  • Good knowledge of and insight into ICT
  • Computer knowledge/common software packages

Desired years of experience: no specific experience required, do take into account a period of minimum 6 months to master the function.


  • Languages (depending on the department in which the function holder ends up)
  • Dutch: Speaking: Fluent − Writing: Very well
  • French: Speaking: Fluent − Writing: Very well
  • English: Speaking: Fluent − Writing: Very well
  • German: Speaking: Basic − Writing: Basic


  • Analytical mindset
  • Team player
  • Problem solver
  • Communicative
  • Logical reasoning skills
  • Accurate
  • Perseverance
  • Independent
  • Communicative
  • Didactical skills
  • Flexible
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Stress-resistant
  • Creative
  • Organisational skills

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